Best of Shorts 5 (Students)

Polish National Film School in Łódź

The International Competition for Short Student Films

Best of Shorts 5 and 6, correspond to short films from students. This is a selection of the best films from schools all over this vast world, with an irrepressible inclination for those that are a bit different: they tell very mature stories, they don't use the same tricks of the trade and they don't copy each other... They touch us, they make us laugh or surprise us by their personality and originality.

Best Of Shorts 5

Nie masz dystansu, Karina Paciorkowska, PL, 2017, 3'57''

Dimanche matin, Vinnie Ann Bose, FR, 2018, 4'09''

Thermostat 6, Maya Avron, Mylène Cominotti, Marion Coudert, Sixtine Dano, FR, 2018, 4'48''

Somewhere Soft, Satoe Yoshinari, NO, 2018, 4'57''

Good Intentions, Anna Mantzaris, GB, 2018, 8'35''

Bloem?, Jorn Leeuwerink, NL, 2017, 6'46''

Pura Vida, Nata Metlukh, EE, 2018, 9'35''

Facing It, Sam Gainsborough, GB, 2018, 7'32''

Perforato, Andrea Giovanni Sitodi, Hannes Oehen, CH, 2018, 4'39''

Kwadratura kola, Karolina Specht, PL, 2018, 4'50''

Spell of the West, Sam Lane, US, 2018, 7'12''

Tango tęsknot, Marta Szymanska, PL, 2018, 5'22''

Duration : 1h12’