Spray / On Fabiola - An Animated Show

Spray/On Fabiola is the meeting between the Brussels-based group Fabiola and the music video makers and animators Sven & Roger TABASS.

Everything started with the music video My Bird, a track from Fabiola's first album, Check My Spleen. The result was a marriage made in heaven, or very nearly! The animation amplifies the melancholy and vice-versa, with everything drowning in sweet and sour colours and an

atmosphere like an acid road-trip. It pushes naivety to the point where it starts to question, and brings out the smirk behind the grin. Fabiola's music is certainly bright, but the texts, the arrangements, and now the pictures, suggest other interpretations and generate other colours.

The music video stays in your mind and can be found in the official selection at Anima. The seed was quickly sown to continue this rich collaboration in a live show and let the sparks fly. On stage, the four missionaries of (anti)pop are accompanied by Sven and Roger for a total performance, where discreet choreographies respond to the manipulations of the two animators. A mix of textures, materials manipulated live, archive pics and computer bugs that magnify Fabiola's music through individual and collective energies. This is what Spray/On Fabiola is about!

Monday 4th March, 7:00 to 7:30 pm and 9:00 to 9:30 pm - Podium, hall, Flagey.