Emile Awards

Enough_Royal College of Art

For the past two Festivals, the Emile Awards ceremony has been celebrating all those who have contributed to the creativity and success of the European animation industry, and is a great tribute to the technicians and artists.

This programme brings together a selection of the awarded films from 2018.

Ivandoe-Hissy Swan, Christian Bøving-Andersen, Eva Lee Wallberg, DK, 2017, 3'37''

Muzicke traume, Tomic Milos, CS, 2018, 10'26''

Enough, Anna Mantzaris, GB, 2018, 2'

Neko No hi, Jon Frickey, DE/JP, 2018, 11'09''

Petits Poissons, Noémie Buffat, FR, 2018, 2'

Last Stop is the Moon, Birute Sodeikaite, PL/LT, 2018, 9'

Dancing on Ice, Dirk Hendry, GB, 2018, 1’

Have Heart, Will Anderson, GB, 2017, 12'

A most precise and nuanced look into the life of the man legend and visionary - Martin Luther, Magnus Igland Møller, DK, 2017, 4'29''

Better Humans, Moth Studios, GB, 2018, 3’17’’

Total duration: 1h