Bande de Zozos

Citron Bien

Nine funny or poetic, cute and tender films for the little ones. A variety of sweet stories full of intrepid animals, tiny like ants or huge like whales and a little pocket man lost in the big city, all of whom are just looking for adventure...

  • A Bit Lost, Hélène Ducrocq, FR, 2017, 5'
  • The Ant, Julia Ocker, DE, 2017, 3'37''
  • The Lion, Julia Ocker, DE, 2017, 3'37''
  • L'Oiseau et la chenille, Lena von Döhren, CH, 2017, 4'
  • Miriam on the Lake, Riho Unt, Sergei Kibus, EE, 2017, 5'
  • La Salle de Concert, Max Volkov, RU, 2017, 4'10''
  • La Plage, Tatyana Okruzhnova, RU, 2017, 3'
  • The Cloud and the Whale, Alyona Tomilova, RU, 2016, 3'34''
  • Le Petit Bonhomme de poche, Ana Chubinidze, FR/CH/GE, 2016, 7'

Without dialogue.

From 3 years.

From 3 years.