Inside Virtual Reality

AtlasV - 3DAR - Arte - Ryot - HTC

Atlas V (five) is a production company for "immersive narrative content" that has worked on several innovating VR productions such as Battlescar, Spheres, or the very recent Gloomy Eyes, which has its European premiere at Anima.

Fx Goby directed the superb Back to the Moon, a VR/360° tribute to Georges Mélies, produced by the highly regarded London and Los Angeles-based Nexus Studio. Before that, his short films To Build a Fire or Story of an Idea were selected and rewarded in numerous festivals.

How and why are we moving towards VR animation? The conference offers some elements of a response and a look behind the scenes of production.

With Corentin Lambot - Atlas V and Fx Goby - Nexus Studios

Moderator: Louis Cacciuttolo (VRrOOm)

In collaboration with Poolpio - Korai, Jean-Louis Decoster

Duration: 1h30’

Conference in English, without translation.