Panda, petit panda

Tribute to Isao Takahata

Co-founder of studio Ghibli with Miyazaki, Isao Takahata shared his talent and passion for animation. This gentle learned man stood out for his affinity for realism, and passed away in 2018. Long live his work…

In collaboration with the Cinematek.

ISAO TAKAHA at the Cinematek

The retrospective Takahata takes place at the Cinematek.

9 rue Baron Horta, 1000 Brussels

Prices: between € 2 and € 4

Purchasing tickets on site or via the website

Panda, petit panda

Little orphan Mimiko lives with her grandmother. While the old lady is away, a baby panda and his father escape from the neighbouring zoo and decide to settle in the house!

Panda kopanda

Feature film by Isao Takahata, Japan, 1973, 1h21'

At the Cinematek

  • on Sunday 10th March at 3:00 pm - FR
Studio Ghibli