International competition

Maureen Furniss (US)

Internationally renowned animation historian Maureen Furniss is founding editor of Animation Journal and author of Art in Motion: Animation AestheticsThe Animation Bible, and A New History of Animation. She was a founding member of the board of the Society for Animation Studies, and has received many awards for her contributions to animation cinema.

Jakob Schuh (DE)

Born 1976 in Munich, he was co-founder of Studio Soi in 2003, where he co-directed some of the studio's major successes including The Gruffalo, nominated for both a BAFTA and an Academy Award. Jakob left Studio Soi in 2014 and went on to co-direct Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes Part 1 & Part 2. He is a lecturer at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, where he also studied.

Hisko Hulsing (NL)

A graduate in painting and animation from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam, Hisko Hulsing made a few short films of which two were the Dutch entries for the Oscars. He is not only a talented painter, filmmaker and illustrator, but also composes the music for his films. He was also responsible for the animation sequences of Montage of Heck, the biopic about Kurt Cobain. Hisko is currently directing an animated series for adults for Amazon.

National competition

Anders Narverud Moen (NO)

Since 2012 Anders Narverud Moen has been Director of the Fredrikstad Animation Festival, the largest and oldest festival for animation film in the Nordic region. Before that, between 2008 and 2011, he had been a programmer for Norway’s biggest cinema company Oslo Kino (now Nordisk Film Kino). He has also been involved in a variety of fields including art, non-commercial radio and concerts.

Julia Ocker (DE)

Julia Ocker is a Stuttgart-based animation director, designer and writer. She studied Graphic Design in Pforzheim and Cairo and from 2006 to 2012 animation at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Her films cover a wide range of subjects, from her dark and chilling drama Kellerkind to the ingeniously funny Zebra. In 2017 Julia made a series of animal films called Animanimals.

Ron Dyens (FR)

In 1999, Ron Dyens was appointed Director of l’Archipel Paris Ciné and founded Sacrebleu Productions. In 2010 he produced Barking Island by Serge Avedikian, the Palme d’Or for Best short film at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2016, Sacrebleu released its first co-produced animated feature : Rémi Chayé’s Long Way North. Ron Dyens also directed five shorts, selected by over 300 festivals.