Anima Saturdays 2018/2019

Each month, Anima and Flagey offer up a very animated and always exceptional and unusual programme for inquisitive kids (and their parents).

After each screening, twenty budding filmmakers (over 5 years of age) can take part in a mini animation workshop: games with tablets, paper cut-outs, rotoscope... organized by the J.E.F. association.

These workshops can be followed individually or throughout the year as each month has a particular theme.

Film: 6 Euros for kids / 7,5 Euros for adults
Film + snack + workshop: 12,5 Euros

Film: Studio 5, 2:00 pm
Workshop and snack: just after the film in Foyer 3
Ends around 4:30 pm (depending on the running time of the film)

22nd September 2018: Les Ritournelles de la Chouette

Anima 2019
La Tortue d’or©Le Parc Distribution

- Preview screening -

  • From 3 yrs
  • In French
  • Running time: 47 min

Programme of 5 short films:

  • Un travail de fourmis and L'arbre à grosse voix, Anaïs Sorentino, 7’09 and 6’30
  • La tortue d'or, Célia Tocco et Célia Tisserant, 13’04
  • L'humble tailleur de pierre, Frits Standaert, 17’
  • Où vas-tu Basile?, Jérémie Mazurek, 3’30

A programme full of mischief and wisdom that ends up in song!


20th October 2018: Le Choix des enfants

Anima 2019
Jubilé©Sève Films-Folioscope

  • From 4 yrs
  • Without dialogue
  • Running time: 60 min

Programme of 11 short films:

  • Un Hôte parfait, Ru Kuwahata, Max Porter, 1’35’’
  • Le Petit Oiseau et l’écureuil, Lena von Döhren, 4’20’’
  • Plaisirs d'hiver, Verena Fels, 3'53"
  • La Luge, Olesya Shchukina, 4'19
  • Crocodile, Julia Ocker, 3'48
  • Chats & Chiens, Jesús Peréz, Gerd Gockell, 6'12"
  • Coaty, Alexandra Slepchuk, 6'
  • Jubilé, Coralie Soudet, Charlotte Piogé, Marion Duvert, Marie El Kadiri, Agathe Marmion, 7'27"
  • Le Petit Bonhomme de poche, Ana Chubinidze, 7'
  • La Cage, Loïc Bruyère, 6'
  • Le Vélo de l’éléphant, Olesya Shchukina, 9’

Eleven cute little animated films, selected and awarded at Anima, with some by a jury made up only of kids.


24th November 2018: Shaun the Sheep

Anima 2019
Shaun The Sheep, The Movie©Lumière

  • From 6 yrs
  • Without dialogue
  • Running time: 1h25

A film by Mark Burton and Richard Starzak, 2015.

Shaun is a smart little sheep who works with his flock for a short-sighted farmer down at Mossy Bottom farm, under the direction of Bitzer, a kind but inefficient sheep dog. It's not a bad life, all things considered, but one morning Shaun wakes up and decides there's not enough happening in his life!

A masterpiece from Aardman.


15th December 2018: Les Moomins attendent Noël

Anima 2019
Les Moomins attendent Noël©Les Films du Préau

-Exclusive in Belgium-

  • From 3 yrs
  • In French
  • Running time: 1h19

A film by Jakub Wroński and Ira Carpelan, 2017.

This year the Moomins are not hibernating. For the first time, they're going to meet this mysterious guest called "Christmas". The preparations are well underway for a grand welcome!

This film is a recent restoration of episodes produced in Finland in the '70s and '80s. Celebrated all over the world, the Moomins' magical world is ready to amaze a new generation of children.


12th January 2019: Droopy

Anima 2019
Dixieland Droopy ©Warner Bros


  • From 6 yrs
  • In French
  • Running time: about 50 min

Programme of shorts by Tex Avery, USA.

Created by Tex Avery in the '40s, Droopy, the dog detective, deceives his enemies through his indifference, his hang-dog look and his deadpan voice. But Droopy is a lot more cunning than he makes out, much to the dismay of the Wolf and the Fox!

A programme with a jazzy feel, taking place during the Brussels Jazz Festival.


2nd February 2019: À la découverte du monde

Anima 2019
Les Fruits des Nuages © Little KMBO

-exclusive in Belgium-

  • From 3 yrs
  • Without dialogue and in French
  • Running time: 34 min

Programme of 5 short films:

  • Un peu perdu, Hélène Ducrocq, 5’ - F
  • Fred et Anabel, Ralf Kukula, 7’50’’ - SD
  • La Mésange et la Chenille, Lena von Döhren, 4’31’’ - SD
  • Monsieur Philodendron, Grega Mastnak, 6’30’’ - SD
  • Les Fruits des nuages, Katerina Karhánková, 10’ - SD

All little ones must one day learn to fly on their own. What an adventure to fly the nest and follow your curiosity, make new friends and face the elements!

Nothing can stop us, once the fear of the unknown gives way to the thrill of discovery!


6th April 2019: The Highway Rat

Anima 2019
The Highway Rat ©Le Parc Distribution

  • From 3 yrs
  • In French
  • Running time: 42 min

Programme of 3 short films:

  • Spring Jam, Ned Wenlock, 6’
  • Out Fishing, Uzi Geffenblad, 10’
  • The Highway Rat, Jeroen Jaspaert, 26’

From the director of Stickman, and adapted from the book by Julia Donaldson, The Highway Rat is a roguish tale certain to please young and old alike with its subtle message.

A swashbuckling tale of bandits and... biscuits!